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Dr. Oz tells Queen Latifah about his 'fat suit' experiment and most popular diet

Known as America's doctor, Dr. Mehmet Oz received a warm welcome when he visited Queen Latifah's talk show on Feb. 7. Their conversation ranged from which diet ranks as the most popular featured in the history of the "Dr. Oz Show" to his experiment wearing a "fat suit" that made him look as if he weighed 400 pounds.

Currently in its fifth season, the "The Dr. Oz Show" has featured diets ranging from high protein to vegan. But of all the weight loss plans that he's presented, Dr. Oz told Queen Latifah that his two-week rapid diet wins as the most popular. It's designed to help dieters lose nine pounds in two weeks, and more than two million people have downloaded the diet (get the full details by clicking here).

In addition to hosting his talk show, Dr. Oz is a cardiac surgeon who still performs surgery every Thursday. He told Queen Latifah that as a result of his focus on cardiology, he is particularly concerned about the continuing epidemic of obesity.

So to explore all aspects of obesity, Dr. Oz donned an outfit designed to make him resemble a 400-pound man. Complete with layers of skin on his face and neck as well as body padding, Dr. Oz conducted the social experiment to understand what it's like to walk within the body of a morbidly obese individual.

Dr. Oz confessed to Queen Latifah that the results were shocking. He felt embarrassed as people looked away from him, or seemed to avoid him. He felt miserable throughout the experience.

The result: Dr. Oz believes that people should not be judged by the results of a scale or their weight. In addition, he discovered many people hesitate to go to the doctor precisely because of their fear of the scale. Dr. Oz said he wants to send a message to people: They have the right to decline to be weighed at the doctor's office, particularly if the scale is in a public hallway.

So does Dr. Oz's experience wearing a fat suit mean that he will stop focusing on weight loss and dieting on his show? No, he emphasized. Battling the bulge is essential for America's health, he told Queen Latifah, and he'll continue to feature different diets on the "Dr. Oz Show."

Dr. Oz also noted that he believes he now knows what really works for steady, permanent weight loss. He's authored two books on the subject: "YOU: On A Diet Revised Edition: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management" and "YOU: Losing Weight: The Owner's Manual to Simple and Healthy Weight Loss" (click for details).

Joining Queen Latifah and Dr. Oz was Lisa Oz. The two have been married for 28 years and have started a new magazine entitled Dr. Oz: The Good Life. The magazine will include exercise tips, diet information, energy boosters and help with healthy cooking. You can find out more about "Dr. Oz The Good Life" magazine by clicking here.

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