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Dr. Oz talks teas for weight loss: How coffee compares to tea for health

Sip tea for weight loss, says Dr. Oz.
Sip tea for weight loss, says Dr. Oz.
Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Afternoon tea ranks high on the list of pleasures among the British. And choosing the right tea can boost your weight loss and health. Dr. Mehmet Oz discussed the benefits of different types of tea on his Aug. 20 talk show.

Dr. Oz also discussed current health news with comedienne Kim Coles, "Dancing With The Stars" champion Cheryl Burke and "Real Housewife" reality show participant Kandi Burruss. They contemplated the question: Is social media addictive?

The three celebrities agreed that they feel compelled to check their Facebook and Twitter feeds. Dr. Oz asked them to reveal the one health word that applies to their status.

Cheryl Burke announced candidly that she would choose "PMSing." Kim Coles went for "hot flashes." And Kandi complained that she was suffering from withdrawal because she could not check her phone.

In addition, Dr. Oz served up the latest research on tea. If you suffer from anxiety, he recommends passionflower tea. Try sipping a cup before bed.

You can boost your weight loss with tea, says Dr. Oz. For example, oolong tea increases your fat-burning because it contains a combination of catechin (an antioxidant) and caffeine. Oolong tea boosts your metabolism for up to two hours after you drink it. In addition, Dr. Oz says it contains polyphenols that block fat-building enzymes.

Yerba mate tea also can help you lose weight. It has mateine, which boosts your energy and metabolism as well.

Dr. Oz suggests drinking delicate white tea for weight loss that results from its ECGC. This antioxidant helps to prevent new fat cells from forming. Get more information on weight loss teas and types by clicking here.

So how does coffee compare to tea for weight loss and health? The latest research shows that coffee actually might extend your life, reported Time magazine on Aug. 20.

Dr. Rob van Dam, a disease and nutrition expert at Harvard School of Public Health, evaluated data on 130,000 adults. They discerned no link between coffee and heart disease or cancer. Instead, java lovers can find joy in their reduced risk of mortality.

Moreover, coffee reduces the risk for some forms of cancer. It also is associated with lower rates of type 2 diabetes and protects against Parkinson’s disease. And something to remember: Coffee enhances your memory while boosting your energy and mood.

The bottom line: "For most people, black coffee is a healthy, non-caloric beverage choice," says van Dam. Just skip those sugary elaborate creations topped with rum-laced whipped cream.

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