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Dr. Oz talks new appetite suppressant and Lap- Band surgery

5-HTP supplements
5-HTP supplements
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During the May 2 episode of the Dr. Oz show, Dr. Oz shared the latest solution to naturally suppress your appetite and lose weight. 5-HTP supplement and Lap-Band surgery have become popular among obese Americans who want to live a healthier lifestyle, permanently.


5-hydroxytryptophan (HTP) is a natural appetite suppressant, sleep aid, and mood booster. 5-HTP naturally increases serotonin in the body and may help fight emotional eating; eating as a result of anxiety, stress, sadness, anger, and irritability.
Before purchasing 5-HTP make sure the label reads “pure HTP”, and, or griffonia simplicifolia extract and avoid supplements that contain added binders or fillers. Dr. Oz recommends taking 1 tablet (200 mg) 20 minutes before each meal.

Side effects:

Rheumatologist, Dr. Natalie Azur shared the details of this new weight loss solution, including possible side effects of taking the supplement. Before starting a 5-HTP regimen speak with your physician about the interaction of HTP with other medications as those who take antidepressants should not take 5-HTP.

People who take antidepressants may experience nausea when taking 5-HTP as it will raise serotonin levels. HTP is known to cause suicide ideation in people who are being treated for bipolar disorder or depression.

Lap-Band surgery

Lap-band surgery has long since been reserved for the morbidly obese. However, guidelines have been lowered in recent years for candidates who are experiencing significant health issues due to weight.

Since inception in the U.S in 2001 thousands of people have chosen Lap-Band surgery over gastric bypass, which permanently removes a portion of the stomach. Lap-Band surgery can be removed as it is a band placed just below the esophagus at the tip of the stomach which will control appetite levels. Patients may choose to have these levels easily adjusted without surgery or completely removed ounce they are able to control their eating.

The FDA has approved lap band surgery for people with a body mass index (BMI) of 30-35. On average a woman with a height of 5’5 who weighs 175 pounds would now be eligible for the surgery.

With America being one of the most overindulgent and obese countries in the world we have a plethora of weight related illnesses many people are trying to fight; diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, heart disease, kidney and liver problems. 5-HTP and the lap band surgery may be two effective solutions to many health problems and issues with low self esteem due to carrying undesired weight, but before considering these options genetics and medical history should be discussed with your physician.

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