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Dr. Oz talks health traps and appetite suppressant hulled barley for weight loss

Dr. Oz spotlights health traps, all-natural weight loss appetite suppressant.
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Dr. Mehmet Oz discussed the three biggest health traps women experience on the Feb. 14 episode of the Dr. Oz Show ("Biggest Health Traps Women Fall For").

"If diet, sleep and stress issues are sabotaging your health, you're not alone," said Dr. Oz.

1. Stress. Dr. Oz said many people turn to caffeine when they're stressed, but this is a huge mistake. Caffeine is a stimulant that makes you even more stressed and anxious. Dr. Oz suggested replacing coffee with green tea, which also curbs hunger.

2. Diet. In a bid to lose weight, many women turn to frozen dinners, but Dr. Oz said most frozen meals have 20% more calories than they say they do on their labels. You don't have to give up frozen dinners, but limit them to no more than two or three times a week.

3. Sleep. Many women are sleep-deprived, and try to make up for it by sleeping more on the weekends. Dr. Oz said this is a bad idea because our bodies have natural circadian rhythms, which work best when we go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. To fall asleep easily, Dr. Oz suggests putting a few drops of relaxing lavender oil on your pillow at night.

Hulled Barley Is a Natural Appetite Suppressant

Dr. Oz is thrilled that thousands of people have lost an average of 9 pounds in 14 days on his 2-Week Rapid Weight Loss Diet, and recommended a natural appetite suppressant proven to promote weight loss.

Dr. Oz said hulled barley is a game changer because its high fiber content makes you feel full and takes a while to digest, so you don't get hungry. He said hulled barley (also called "hull-less barley" or "whole barley") keeps your blood sugar stable and prevents blood-sugar spikes.

He asked three women in his audience to try hulled barley as an appetite suppressant for a few days and report their results. The ladies substituted hulled barley for pasta or other carbs at their meals, and said they felt dramatically less hungry throughout the day. One woman even lost 3 pounds in 3 days.

Dr. Oz suggested replacing the starches in your diet with one-half cup of barley at lunch or dinner, and watch the pounds melt away without hunger.

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