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Cameron Diaz and Dr. Oz dish weight-loss tips: Matcha tea and coconut palm sugar

Dr. Oz discussed weight loss, diet and workout secrets with Cameron Diaz.
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Dr. Oz discussed weight-loss and fitness secrets with Cameron Diaz on the Jan. 15 episode of the Dr. Oz Show.

While Diaz is hailed for her stunning figure, she used to eat greasy, fried foods and sugary sodas every day for years. She finally overhauled her diet and began working out in her late twenties, and dramatically improved her skin, energy and health.

Cameron, 41, detailed her age-defying fitness secrets in her new book, The Body Book.

Diaz shared with Dr. Oz her simple steps for getting a better body now:

1. Drink a large glass of water after brushing your teeth first thing in the morning. Cameron then chugged an entire liter of water in 20 seconds live on the Dr. Oz Show. "Water wakes you up," she said.

Dr. Oz added: "[Drinking water] is the best way for me to go poop in the morning." Diaz added: "Yes, it is, and thank God I already did that."

2. Check your stool every day. Dr. Oz said the state of your poop reflects the state of your health, especially your diet. If your stool is hard and pellet-like, you're constipated and need more water and fiber.

3. Incorporate exercise into your daily activities.

4. Listen to your hunger. Cameron said you should eat when you're hungry, but make sure you eat the right foods. She shared tips and some of her favorite foods:

  • Quinoa pasta is gluten-free and adds protein to your diet.
  • Don't eat carbs at dinner because you need less energy later in the day.
  • Snack on nuts and fruit to keep your hunger in check.
  • Sprinkle nutritional yeast on eggs, salad and oatmeal to add protein and vitamins. Diaz said it tastes like Parmesan cheese.

Matcha Green Tea Blocks Fat, Relieves Anxiety

In another segment of the show, Dr. Oz discussed the health benefits of matcha green tea, which contains the amino acid l-theanine, which produces a peaceful, calm feeling. Dr. Oz said matcha tea has the following health benefits:

  • Blocks fat.
  • Fights disease by enhancing immune function and lowering heart-disease risk.
  • Relieves anxiety.

Coconut Palm Sugar For Weight Loss

Dr. Oz said coconut palm sugar is an excellent sweetener because it's packed with nutrients like potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron that stabilize your blood sugar and curb insulin spikes.

Dr. Oz said these qualities make coconut palm sugar great for weight loss, and an excellent option for diabetics. He learned about coconut palm sugar when one of his viewers brought it to his attention after she lost 15 pounds using it.

Dr. Oz had his audience taste-test coconut palm sugar, and they agreed it tastes just like regular sugar. World-renowned chocolatier Jacques Torres said he uses coconut palm sugar in his dessert recipes because it tastes good.

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