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Dr. Oz talks about additives, chia seeds and breakfast for weight loss

Eat breakfast to lose weight, says Dr. Oz.
Eat breakfast to lose weight, says Dr. Oz.
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There's a dangerous ingredient in your food - and you may never have heard of it. On his Jan. 24 talk show, Dr. Mehmet Oz revealed the additive and why to avoid it. Plus: Find out why chia seeds belong in your diet, and how to change your breakfast so that it boosts your weight loss.

Take a look in your refrigerator and cupboard. If you've got bread and a tan-colored soda such as Pepsi, you may unknowingly be consuming caramel coloring, warns Dr. Oz. And that additive has been linked to cancer. Although not all caramel-colored sodas contain the dangerous ingredient (4-MEI), some do. Only California has a label requirement.

Dr. Oz pointed out that caramel color additives also can occur in some gravy products and artificially flavored maple syrup. So read the label carefully and avoid products with caramel coloring.

In addition, Dr. Oz recommended chia seeds. These little seeds have benefits including magnesium, protein and omega-3 fatty acids. And because they're high in fiber, they're also beneficial for your digestive system.

Skipping breakfast can seem like a way to lose weight. In reality, though, says Dr. Oz, avoiding breakfast can cause you to gain weight, because you'll get so hungry that you may turn to a fast but fattening choice such as a candy bar.

Instead, eating a healthy breakfast can actually boost your weight loss by cutting cravings the rest of the day. The key: Choose the right meal.

Dr. Oz recommends these diet-friendly breakfasts to control hunger and your weight:

  • Muesli and nuts.
  • Protein smoothies.
  • Eggs.
  • Healthy versions of your favorite foods, such as lean turkey sausage rather than bacon.
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