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Dr. Oz: Supplement blocks 500 calories; high fat low carb diet for weight loss

Find out about fatty foods to take off pounds.
Photo by Ben Gabbe

Eating fat to lose fat may sound counter-intuitive. But according to Dr. Mehmet Oz, eating certain types of fat actually boost fat-burning to promote weight loss. He explained which fats to include and discussed a new weight loss supplement on his Friday show.

Is it possible that a supplement could actually eliminate as much as nine times its weight in fat and lower calorie absorption by up to 500 fat calories? That's the potential in a new weight loss pill called FBCx, says Dr. Oz.

How it works: Alpha-cyclodextrin (FBCx) prevents bad fats in your diet from being absorbed. Consequently,it results in the overall consumption of significantly fewer calories. In addition, studies show that it reduces blood sugar spikes after high carb meals.

Dr. Oz recommends using FBCx for those occasions when you're eating a meal high in fat. He suggests limiting your supplementation to two grams a few times a week. It's available in health food stores and online under the brand name Calorease FBCx Easy Weight Management Aid.

The use of FBCx highlights the benefits of fiber for weight loss. Calling it an "amazing cutting-edge fiber," Dr. Oz notes that it can "protect your heart from the damaging effects of bad fats like saturated fat." So how does it compare with similar weight loss supplements showcased on Dr. Oz's show?

A related supplement is called white kidney bean extract. It's designed to block carbohydrates from being absorbed into your body. Sometimes called a starch blocker, it's designed to be taken about half an hour before your meal. However, FBCx appears to do a better job of controlling blood sugar spikes.

Another similar supplement is known as green coffee bean extract. In studies, it was shown to help women lose weight without making any other changes to their diet. Just as with kidney bean extract and FBCx, it's designed to be taken before meals. The dosage recommended is 400 mg three times daily.

But even though supplements can help you achieve your weight loss goals, Dr. Oz says that eating right is essential for taking off the pounds. In recent years, he's changed his diet advice to emphasize the benefits of low carb diets high in healthy fats. One of the physicians who influenced Dr. Oz to alter his advice from high carbohydrate, low fat to low carb, high fat diets is Dr. David Perlmutter.

Dr. Perlmutter, author of "Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar--Your Brain's Silent Killers," cited research on a recent episode that convinced Dr. Oz of the merits of his high fat low carb plan. While protein and fats suppress the appetite, grains (even the whole grains that Dr. Oz previously touted) can spike blood sugar and result in cravings. As a result, dieters lose more pounds and are able to maintain their weight loss more easily.

Moreover, Dr. Perlmutter noted studies showing links between the consumption of starchy carbohydrates and conditions such as dementia and heart disease. Tweeted Dr. Perlmuter following the show: "Butter is back," along with other previously demonized fats.

And two types of fat in particular, says Dr. Oz, can boost fat-burning. The first type of fat to include in your diet belongs in the monounsaturated fatty acids family. Known as MUFAs, this category includes avocado, olives, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts like cashews, almonds and pecans, nut butters and dark chocolate.

Dr. Oz cites a study conducted by the American Diabetic Association showing that consuming MUFAs reduces belly fat. In addition, these fats enhance your insulin sensitivity. The result: Your blood sugar control improves, which helps prevent diabetes.

How much should you eat? Aim to have half of your daily fat calories come from MUFAs and eat one serving at each meal. A serving consists of 10 olives, 1/4 cup of dark chocolate chips, two tablespoons of an approved oil or two tablespoons of either nuts or a nut butter.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) are the second type of fat to include in your diet. Sources include fatty fish such as salmon, seaweed, pine nuts, sunflower seeds and sunflower oil. How they work to boost weight loss: PUFAs help your metabolism function more efficiently.

In addition, PUFAs reduce cholesterol. Dr. Oz cites research showing the consumption of PUFAs promoted weight loss in obese women. They help fat cells to break down.

He recommends eating two servings of PUFA-rich foods daily. A serving equals three ounces of fish, a shot glass of pine nuts or one ounce of sunflower seeds.

Dr. Oz makes these recommendations regarding boosting your consumption of fats at a time when evidence is mounting that saturated fats do not cause heart disease. Cambridge University researchers concluded that "current evidence does not clearly support guidelines that [recommend]… low consumption of total saturated fats" after they conducted a meta-analysis of 76 studies encompassing more than 650,000 people, according to the Daily Beast.

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