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Dr. Oz: Sun safety, fat-blasting bison and salmon diet burgers, coffee benefits

It's the time of year for beach blanket bliss and sunburn sorrows. Dr. Mehmet Oz offered tips to emphasize summer's sunnier side on his Monday talk show, with topics ranging from vitamin D to coffee benefits. Plus: Discover how to boost your weight loss with fat-blasting bison and salmon diet burgers.

Burgers get a makeover from Dr. Oz.
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Think that your sunburn will turn into a "healthy" tan? Wrong, says Dr. Oz. Although the vitamin D from the sun is essential for health, it's still important to practice sun safety.

And the danger of skin cancer from too much sun applies to all ages. Malignant melanoma ranks as the second most common cancer in teens and young adults between ages 15 and 34, and free skin cancer screenings are being offered in Rhode Island to help catch symptoms early, reported the Providence Journal on Monday.

Dr. Sue Kelly, a board certified dermatologist, urges sun lovers to wear protective attire. In addition, use sun cream with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of more than 30. Apply it half an hour before you go out, then re-apply it every two hours.

Another common problem in the summer: Getting overheated. And here's a surprise: Taking a cool shower or drinking a cool drink isn't the solution, said Dr. Oz.

By taking a warm shower or drinking something hot like coffee or tea, you'll actually get cooler faster. The reason: It causes you to sweat.

Coffee bonus: Drinking one extra cup of coffee each day has been shown to reduce your risk of diabetes by 10 percent, said Dr. Oz. Moreover, coffee has been shown to suppress your appetite and thus facilitate weight loss.

However, although coffee can cause you to experience a reduction in hunger, it's only temporary, according to the Mayo Clinic. Also temporary but possibly slightly helpful is with calorie burning, because caffeine may stimulate thermogenesis.

Dr. Oz has a different suggestion for weight loss: Burgers. He says that three types of burgers can actually help to blast fat.

The first type that he suggests is low in fat and makes a good substitute for beef. It's called a bison burger, and he recommends topping with low-fat cheddar cheese for the calcium benefit.

The second type of burger for weight loss is made with salmon. Enjoy with avocado to boost your metabolism.This combination ranks as an ideal choice for a Paleo diet, and supports Dr. Oz's previous endorsements of high fat low carb diets.

What if you only like beef burgers? Dr. Oz recommends adding mushrooms to them, which can help your thyroid function.

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