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Dr. Oz: Summer weight loss diet includes metabolism boosters and best ice cream

Get ready to fry.
Get ready to fry.
Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Can you eat fried food, potato salad and barbecue and still lose weight? Dr. Mehmet Oz says he has created a new summer weight loss diet that combines cheat treats with metabolism boosters. He revealed the pounds-off plan on his July 29 talk show.

Studies have shown that consuming soup before a meal can curb your appetite. Dr. Oz suggests choosing gazpacho, a cold and spicy soup that includes a natural diuretic. Make it with salt-free tomato sauce to avoid water retention.

By eating gazpacho before a meal that contains fried food, you will naturally want less food, says Dr. Oz. Add wine vinegar to your gazpacho recipe, which can help with weight loss.

For beverages, Dr. Oz recommends making your own iced tea. Several varieties can help your metabolism to function more effectively and burn more fat. They include teas made with matcha powder, turmeric and white tea.

Lovers of potato salad can enjoy their favorite summer dish by making some simple changes. Use Greek yogurt to replace the mayonnaise. In addition, cook the potatoes first. Cool them completely, which will provide you with appetite-reducing resistant starch.

When it comes to meat choices, Dr. Oz recommends choosing sirloin steak rather than hamburger. That choice contains more protein, which has been shown to help curb hunger and boost your metabolism.

Several recent studies have shown that low carb diets trump low-fat diets both for weight loss and reducing insulin. "Something about eating a low-carb diet causes people to burn more calories," said Dr. Steve Smith, scientific director for the Florida Hospital-Sanford Burnham Translational Research Institute, in a July 28 interview with the Sentinel.

Reduce carbohydrates and consume more protein as well as fat to replicate the benefits shown in those studies. For example, you could accompany that steak with avocado and cheese rather than a hefty slice of garlic bread and side of pasta.

When it comes to dessert, summer's hot days can make you yearn for ice cream. Dr. Oz suggests looking for a sugar-free brand of coconut ice cream. It is higher in fiber and lower in calories than regular ice cream.

Don't like coconut and want to save money? Beware of Walmart ice cream. It contains so many so-called "stabilizers" that it doesn't melt in the sun, reported the Los Angeles Times on July 28.

The "value-added" ingredients include guar gum, corn syrup and cellulose gum. The Department of Food Science Technology at the Ohio State University analyzed stabilizers and emulsifiers to determine how they impact ice cream's melting rate.

Ice cream that contains the most stabilizers melts more slowly. When a news station compared a Walmart Great Value ice cream sandwich, a Klondike Bar ice cream sandwich and a cup of Haagen-Dazs exposed to the sun for 30 minutes, the Walmart product retained its shape for the longest period of time.

Although the FDA considers guar gum and cellulose gum to be safe ingredients, the long-term effects are unknown. And when it comes to the quality of ice cream, longevity isn't always the tastiest option.

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