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Dr. Oz: Smoking alcohol dangers, DHA supplements and pistachios for weight loss

Eat pistachios says Dr. Oz.
Eat pistachios says Dr. Oz.
Dr. Oz Show

Sounds like a great idea: Smoke alcohol to get high without a hangover or calories. But, warned Dr. Mehmet Oz on his Wednesday talk show, it's extremely risky. Plus: Find out about DHA supplement benefits and how to use pistachios for weight loss.

Smoking alcohol has become popular at select bars, appealing to women who want to avoid a hangover and get a calorie-free high. Intrigued, Dr. Oz decided to try it himself.

Filming his experience, Dr. Oz, author of "YOU: The Owner's Manual: An Insider's Guide to the Body That Will Make You Healthier and Younger," discovered that he quickly became drunk. Moreover, he warned that it is dangerous because of the potential both for damaging your lung and causing alcohol poisoning.

On the same episode, Dr. Oz discussed docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) supplements. These pills in dosages of 600 to 1,000 mg can improve your memory and reduce your risk for Alzheimer's disease.

How DHA works: These supplements provide you with one of the three forms of omega-3 fatty acids. Dr. Oz calls it the "ultimate form" because most of us don't get enough. He recommends taking either a fish oil supplement or one made from algae or krill.

DHA reduces inflammation and helps battle wrinkles. It also is helpful for your blood pressure, keeps your arteries clear and improves your cholesterol levels, all of which improves your brain function. In addition, Dr. Oz says it can help with depression.

Are you trying to lose weight? Dr. Oz also talked about pistachios for health and weight loss.

These little nuts are powerhouses of protein, fiber and healthy fats. Dr. Oz recommends enjoying a serving of pistachios each day.

A recent study revealed that pistachio nuts reduce triglycerides and body weight when compared to refined carbohydrates. The authors assigned obese individuals to eat either salted pretzels or salted pistachios for 12 weeks.

At the conclusion of the study, those who consumed pistachios weighed less and had improved triglycerides. The researchers concluded that using these nuts in place of typical snack foods is beneficial for dieters.

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