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Dr. Oz slams Thigh Gap Diet

The Thigh Gap Diet book

Dr Oz expressed his concern with the new trend among women in which they are going to extreme measures to have a gap in their inner thighs.

Thigh Gap Hack author Camille Hugh appeared on the Dr. Oz show on February 25 in which she shared the method of obtaining a thigh gap, as stated in her book.

Hugh’s technique includes hunger training which consists of eating only when you are hungry and skipping meals, intermittent fasting in which Hugh suggests not eating for up to 16 hours at a time.

Dr. Oz expressed concern with women losing muscle vital to the body in trying to mimic “the look” of femininity by trying to get a thigh gap. Oz also stated that due to the anatomical structure of certain bodies obtaining a thigh gap may be close to impossible without becoming dangerously thin.

Dr. Oz shared the issue of his daughters and their peers beginning to obsess over having a thigh gap. Oz shared his concern that the thigh gap craze is giving people something to obsess over and can lead to eating disorders.

Hugh shares her weight loss story in which she lost 35 pounds and went from a size 8 to 0 in a matter of months. Hugh shared her concern with her weight being hereditary which prompted her to begin her research and journey with having slimmer thighs.

“The truth is, technically, any woman can get a thigh gap if they lower their body fat and get skinny enough", Hugh claims.

The idea of obtaining a thigh gap can cause one to become borderline obsessive if their focus is geared toward becoming “skinny enough” to obtain a certain look as oppose to achieving personal health. Skinny will not look the same on everyone and seeking the guidance of a health and fitness expert may lead to one obtaining a slimmer physique the healthy way.

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