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Dr. Oz shows us how to lose 14 pounds in two weeks

Dr. Mehmet Oz
Photo by Cindy Ord

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time for many of us to get back on track with our weight. For some people, the beginning of a ‘diet’ is the most difficult part. But keep reading and you’ll see that it’s possible to change your eating habits and lose weight, thanks to Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Just last week, Dr. Oz shared his ‘two week rapid weight loss plan’ with viewers.

Dr. Oz says we can use the plan to ‘jump start’ our weight loss. But in order to stay slim and healthy, it’s important to note that we must make some permanent changes and healthy choices in our eating habits.

And the best part – you can lose up to 14 pounds using the plan.

The diet includes lots of unlimited low-glycemic vegetables (green beans, broccoli, cucumber, etc) as well as six ounces of lean chicken, fish, or turkey per day. The only carb allowed is one half cup of brown rice per day.

As for dairy, only one cup of plain Greek yogurt may be consumed per day. Olive oil, hummus, and nuts are allowed in moderation.

Now for what you can’t have:


Artificial sweeteners




The diet also requires you to take a multi-vitamin and a pro-biotic supplement every day.

Click this link for all the details, including shopping lists and meal plans.

‘The Dr. Oz Show’ airs weekdays at 4pm on Detroit’s local ABC affiliate WXYZ Channel 7.

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