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Dr. Oz show this week: top 4 appetite suppressants and the carb lovers diet

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Prescription for weight loss: Tune up the TiVo and dial in Dr. Mehmet Oz, the Emmy Award-winning host of the "The Dr. Oz Show" and renowned health expert and best-selling author of books like YOU: Losing Weight: The Owner's Manual to Simple and Healthy Weight Loss.

On Monday, Dr. Oz reveals the top 4 appetite suppressants. Shed the pounds without hunger, and learn what to eat and take to feel satisfied from morning to night. If you're fed up with those cravings that sidetrack you from your goal, this is the show to watch! Get a taste of how Dr. Oz's appetite suppressants can help you: click here to learn about saffron extract, which many experts agree is one of the best safe appetite suppressants.

Weight loss Wednesday features the show that carb lovers have been craving: Dr. Oz’s 5 top meals to help you lose weight while enjoying breads, pastas, and other delicious carbs. And one of my personal favorites because of her "eat more, weigh loss" recipe tricks: Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillian, will reveal her biggest secret carb cheats yet.

Fabulous Friday will bring us the secrets of how to lose weight using Ayurveda, a method that model Christy Turlington relies on for her beautiful figure. And you'll want to have your notebook and pen ready to write Dr. Oz's recipe for a soup that he promises will help you lose 5 pounds instantly!