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Dr. Oz Show: Diane Keaton shares bulimic past and gluten may cause dementia

Diane Keaton and Dr. Oz
Diane Keaton and Dr. Oz
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During the May 8 episode of the Dr. Oz Show, Diane Keaton shared her struggles with bulimia during her 20’s. Also, neurologist David Perlmutter shared the potential for neurological issues from unhealthy carbs.

Diane Keaton’s struggle with bulimia

68-year old Keaton shared her struggle with an eating disorder. Keaton described her initial denial of her disease as she lied to her therapist before admitting she had a problem. “I have news for you! I throw up and I not stopping”, the actress recalls shouting to her therapist.

Keaton labeled herself a recovering addict as it will always be a struggle to resist the urge to relapse. Keaton had to change her view of beauty and learn to embrace who she is, as she is. Keaton claimed one day she just stopped purging and hasn’t relapsed since. Keaton released a book, Let’s Just Say it Wasn’t Pretty, in April of this year.

Keaton’s new book chronicles the actress’ life working in the entertainment business where beauty is in the eye of the producer, writer, or director as oppose to the beholder. Keaton shares some private moments that have taken place with her family including her two children. Keaton’s two children, daughter Dexter and son Duke were adopted when she was 50.

Gluten and dementia

Dr. Perlmutter is well known for his book Grain Brain in which he claims gluten and unhealthy carbs may be the cause of many neurological issues. Some the illnesses associated with carbs is depression, dementia, chronic headaches, and anxiety.

Perlmutter claims that his 4-week plan will help reverse the damage to the brain created by carbs and gluten. While on the show Perlmutter shared the foods that should be included in our regular diets. Perlmutter’s take on the replacement of foods seemed contrary to what Americans have been learning about feed. Butter and saturated fats were at the top of the list of foods that we should be eating.

Perlmutter claims that butter, not margarine, but plain old fashioned butter should be included. Perlmutter compared our needs to the composition of the brain as well as breast milk. Since our brain in mainly fat and breast milk contains saturated fats Perlmutter claims we should include fats in our diet.

Wild caught salmon, whole eggs, avocados, olive and other natural oils were included on the list of foods to include in your diet. Also, according to Perlmutter healthy carbs including apples and berries will aid in reversing neurological issues.

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