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How to determine if you are a food addict

food addiction
food addiction
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During the March 18 episode of the Dr. Oz show, Oz discussed the tell tale signs of food addiction. Many people find themselves eating constantly throughout the day to the point of feeling physically sick and nauseas.

Dr. Oz sat down with Psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula to discuss the severity of food addiction and signs to beware of to self diagnose food addiction.

1. Make food your top priority - You spend the large majority or your time thinking about food and planning your meals. This may be to the extent of you choosing food consumption over other activities.

2. Emotional eating – Eating to try and numb an unpleasant feeling or thought. This will lead to over eating since the emotional “fix” lasts momentarily. Also, using food to manage anxiety or boredom, and loneliness can lead to an addiction to food. Many people have been conditioned to eat based on emotions. When there is a celebration, we eat, a funeral, we eat, or any event that commemorates a person place or thing, we eat. This type of conditioning can introduce an unhealthy relationship with food.

3. Distracted by food – Spending more time with or consuming food than with family and friends. Your relationship with food has changed the way you engage in everyday life.

4. Withdrawal - You experience symptoms of withdrawal when you do not get your “fix” of food, mainly sugar and fat filled foods. Symptoms may include headaches, irritability, poor concentration or a general sense of not feeling well.

Dr. Oz has offered a quiz you can take to self determine if you are in fact a food addict. Quiz: Are You a Food Addict?

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