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Dr. Oz shares 15 foods that reduce your risk of cancer

Cancer fighting foods
Cancer fighting foods
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Most Americans would agree that we are living in an era of prevention. Since cancer has claimed the lives of many people over the past couple of decaded the fight to reduce that number has increased. People tend to gravitate to a more holistic approach to healing and prevention and Dr. Oz is usually among the first to use his platform to keep the public informed of the latest health trend.

Many of the foods listed below can help prevent cancer at the rate of over 60% when ingested regularly. All bodies are not created equal and this list should in No way substitute for regular check-ups and screenings by your doctor. Active prevention should be implemented along with required medical care.

1. Fruit: Satisfying your sweet cravings with fruit can help reduce your risk of esophageal cancer.

2. Legumes: Dr Oz. suggests eating one cup of cooked beans three times per week to help prevent cancer in the small intestines.

3. Red onion: Incorporating red onion in your diet every day may reduce your risk of stomach cancer

4. Garlic and shallots: Using garlic and shallots to flavor food may help reduce your risk of large B-cell lymphomas.

5. Bran cereal: One serving of bran cereal per day may help reduce your risk of stomach cancer.

6. Fish with omega-3 fatty acids: Eating two servings of fish that contain omega-3 fatty acids; Salmon, mackerel, char provide a healthy source of protein and also help fight against rectal cancer.

7. Beets: Ingesting beets at least twice a week may help fight stomach cancer.

8. Leafy greens: One cup of raw or a half of a cup of cooked leafy green vegetables per day may reduce your risk of ovarian cancer by 66%.

9. Broccoli: Broccoli provides a great source of fiber and vitamin c. Ingesting at least one spear per week may help prevent lymphoma.

10. Endives: Eating 1 cup endive a day may help reduce your risks of developing stomach cancer.

11. Spinach: Eating 1 cup raw spinach per day helps reduce your risk of squamous cell skin cancer.

12. Green tea: Drinking lukewarm green tea stomach cancer.

13. Hard cheese: Eating two slices of hard cheese per day such as Jarlsberg, Gouda or Swiss may help reduce your risk of lung cancer.

14. Omit the salt: Ingesting a large amount of salt increases risk of stomach cancer.

15. Cauliflower and cabbage: The sulforphanes in these veggies keep the intestinal tract healthy. One quarter of a cup per day may help reduce your risks of cancer.

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