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Dr. Oz: Fast fat-burning workout, best non-dairy milks, and de-cluttering

Dr. Oz says you can transform your health by decluttering your life
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Dr. Mehmet Oz discussed de-cluttering your life, non-dairy milk alternatives, and how to get a fast, fat-burning workout on the April 9 episode of the Dr. Oz Show.

Many people live among clutter in their homes, whether it's piles of mail, old clothes in the closet or a messy desk. In addition to being unsightly, clutter can actually make you sick and depressed, said Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz's guests were professional organizer Justin Klosky, author of Organize & Create Discipline, and Dr. Melva Green, a physician who helps people de-clutter their lives.

“When you're physically cluttered, you're emotionally cluttered,” said Dr. Green, author of Breathing Room: Open Your Heart by Decluttering Your Home.

Dr. Oz enlisted Klosky to help Erin, a 35-year-old mother of two, organize her home, which was overrun with clutter. Erin's house was in shambles: Her toaster was in the laundry room, and loads of junk were haphazardly strewn all over her basement.

Justin recommended the following steps to de-clutter your life:

1. Break it down. Break the process into several phases, because doing it all at once can be overwhelming.

2. Use the one-year rule. Discard anything in your home that hasn't been used for a year, because everything in your house should have a practical purpose. Otherwise, it's just taking up space. For example, donate old books to a library or give away old baby clothes to a charity.

3. Make a place for everything. Klosky said you should have a designated place for everything in your home. Use old Mason jars or other containers to store items.

4. Get rid of your junk drawer. Justin said no one should have a junk drawer, because it just gets used as a dumping ground for unused things. You should use your drawers in an organized, neat manner. As simplistic as it may sound, clearing up clutter promotes peace of mind and better health.

Fat-Burning Fast Exercise Fuels Weight Loss

On a separate segment, Dr. Oz's guest was Dr. Michael Mosley, a British physician and TV personality. Dr. Mosley lost 20 pounds by following the intermittent-fasting plan he detailed in his bestseller, The Fast Diet.

Now, he wants to share his rules for getting an effective fat-burning workout in under 7 minutes. Mosley said the key to torching fat and accelerating weight loss is doing short bursts of intense exercise instead of long, drawn-out workouts.

Numerous studies have shown that short, intense exercise burns more fat and releases more anti-aging hormones than long workout sessions done at moderate intensity. Mosley detailed his "fast workout" secrets in his new book, FastExercise: The Simple Secret of High-Intensity Training.

Dr. Oz Gives the Skinny on Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives

Dr Oz said sales of cow milk have dropped 25% since the 1970s due to the proliferation of dairy allergies, gastrointestinal sensitivities, and the use of hormones on cows.

Fortunately, Dr. Oz said there are many healthy non-dairy milk alternatives that taste great and provide calcium, protein and vitamin D:

  • Almond milk. In an audience taste test, 80% of the audience at the Dr. Oz Show preferred almond milk. Dr. Oz said almond milk is the lowest in calories, and suggested consuming an unsweetened variety. You can pour this over cereal.
  • Rice milk. Rice milk is thinner than other non-dairy milk alternatives, but it's naturally sweet. Dr. Oz suggested using rice milk to make smoothies.
  • Soy milk. Soy milk has the most protein of the non-dairy alternatives, and has 50% more calcium than cow milk. Dr. Oz said it goes well with coffee.
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