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Dr. Oz: Aspirin reduces cancer risk 36%, holistic insomnia & anxiety remedies

Dr. Oz says aspirin can reduce cancer risk by 36 percent
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Dr. Mehmet Oz said low-dose aspirin can reduce your cancer risk on the April 8 episode of the Dr. Oz Show ("Can an Aspirin a Day Keep Cancer Away?").

"Ground-breaking new evidence says aspirin can reduce your cancer risk by an amazing 36%," said Dr. Oz. "It not only prevents the cancer from starting, but it prevents it from spreading."

Dr. Oz said three recent studies showed that taking low-dose aspirin can dramatically lower your risk of developing all kinds of cancer, including colon, ovarian, colorectal, esophageal, stomach, prostate, and breast cancers.

Dr. Oz's guest was obstetrician Dr. Beth Karlan, director of the Women's Cancer Program at Cedars-Sinai Hospital. Dr. Karlan said aspirin can reduce a woman's ovarian cancer risk in several ways:

  • An aspirin a day can lower the risk of developing the disease by up to 20%.
  • If you have cancer, aspirin can keep the cancer from spreading by 36%.
  • Ovarian-cancer patients can reduce their risk of dying by 37% simply by taking aspirin daily.

Dr. Oz said women should start their daily aspirin regimen in their 30s and 40s, before starting menopause, but it's also helpful for older women. Dr. Oz recommended taking two low-dose aspirin every day with food.

Dr. Oz's Natural Remedies for Pain and Insomnia

On a separate segment of his show, Dr. Oz's guest was integrative medicine practitioner Dr. Tieraona Low Dog. Dr. Low Dog is the author of Healthy at Home: Get Well and Stay Well Without Prescriptions, and Life Is Your Best Medicine.

Dr. Low Dog recommended the following natural remedies for common ailments:

  • Migraine headaches. Dr. Oz suggested taking 75 mg twice a day of butterbur supplement to prevent and relieve migraines.
  • Pain. Studies show a SAM-e supplement can relieve chronic pain just as effectively as ibuprofen. SAM-e has also been shown to relieve depression.
  • Insomnia. Dr. Oz recommended a supplement that combines valerian root, hops, and passion flower to improve sleep. Studies show this combination works as well as prescription-strength Ambien, but without the nasty side effects.

Dr. Oz: Meditation Reduces Stress and Promotes Happiness

Dr. Oz welcomed rap mogul Russell Simmons for a special segment on meditation. Simmons, author of Success through Stillness, said meditation is an excellent way to reduce blood pressure and stress.

Simmons, a longtime yoga devotee, said meditation calms your mind and helps you become happier and more successful. Russell and his two daughters meditate every morning for 20 minutes, saying this is the best way to start the day.

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