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Dr. Oz's yacon syrup becomes hot weight loss trend: How to use it, where to find

Find out about yacon syrup.
Find out about yacon syrup.
Dr. Oz Show

In November 2013, Dr. Mehmet Oz featured yacon syrup on one of his talk shows. He proclaimed it "the next big thing in weight loss." And when Dr. Oz speaks, dieters listen. Now it's become the hottest weight loss trend of 2014. Find out what you should know about using yacon syrup for weight loss.

To test yacon syrup, the Dr. Oz project featured 40 women, who were told to eat one teaspoon of yacon syrup with or before each meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for four weeks. They did not change their normal diet or exercise.

The results:

  • 73 percent of the women lost weight
  • 14 women lost five pounds or more
  • Average weight loss was 2.9 pounds
  • Average reduction in waist size was 1.9 inches
  • Total weight lost among all the women was 153 pounds
  • 27 (68%) recommended yacon as a weight loss tool

So how does it work? Yacon syrup is high in prebiotics, such as inulin and fructooligosaccharides (FOS), says Dr. Oz. It fosters good bacteria, linked to a healthy weight, and controls your appetite, reducing food cravings. It can help with metabolic syndrome, high cholesterol and diabetes.

How to use it:

  • If you want to try yacon syrup for weight loss, take one teaspoon of 100% pure yacon syrup before or with each meal.
  • Alternately, use it as a sugar substitute.
  • Because of yacon syrup’s bowel movement-promoting properties, you may want to limit daily consumption to no more than 1-2 tablespoons.

Where to find online:

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