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Dr. Oz's trainer dishes low carb diet food faves, from seeds to nuts

Dr. oz's trainer offers tips.
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

If you're a fan of Dr. Mehmet Oz's talk show, you know that Dr. Oz relishes talking about healthy foods, fitness and diets. But what you might not know: Dr. Oz has a secret weapon when it comes to how he stays energized and sleek: Celebrity trainer Joel Harper. Joel revealed his own diet tips and food favorites in a March 30 interview with Well & Good NYC.

When it comes to his clients, Joel knows how to tailor workouts and diet advice: He works with 10-year-old kids and Olympic medalists as well as Dr. Oz. What he seeks to instill in all of them, regardless of age or background: Motivation.

"I love training people who are open to learning, know how to control the noise in their heads, and don’t mind doing the work. I try to get all my clients in this state."

Joel advocates foods that are high in protein and low in carbohydrates, including dairy, nuts and seeds. And when it comes to diet advice, Joel practices what he preaches:

  • Beverages: Drink a lot of water, says Joel. In addition, he's a believer in the value of milk. "I love dairy and anything Organic Valley puts out. They have an amazing chocolate milk that’s great for post-workout."
  • Nuts: Joel emphasizes the benefits of nut butters. His favorites include Nuttzo, which comes in flavors such as Nuttzo Omega-3 Multi-Nut Butter (click for details).
  • Seeds: Joel admits that he's addicted to SunButter Organic Sunflower Seed Spread. "I eat it with a banana, celery, or an apple."
  • Promax bars: To satisfy his sweet tooth, Joel likes these high protein bars in flavors such as Promax LS Lower Sugar Energy Bar, Chocolate Fudge.
  • Protein: Fuel your workout with protein power. Joel eats protein such as celery and Nuttzo before and after working out.

And to benefit from his fitness expertise, you don't have to live within driving distance. Joel has crafted a series of fitness DVDs, including "Joel Harper's Slim & Fit" and "Joel Harper's Firming After 50."

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