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Dr.Oz's new and improved healthy green drink

What better ways to jump start your day then with Dr. Oz’s healthy green drink recipe

Dr. Oz has shared one of his favorite breakfast recipes, he calls “liquid gold” that bring his family together in the mornings. Whether you’re dieting, maintaining your weight or just want to live a healthier lifestyle, you definitely can’t go wrong with this refreshing new and improved low calorie wholesome glass full of nutritional goodies.

This green drink is high in vitamins and fiber with a delicious taste even your kids will enjoy. You can make this super drink by using either a juicer or blender until smooth. Ingredients can be adjusted to your taste.


2 cup spinach

½ cucumber

1 head celery

1 bunch parsley

2 apples

¼ lemons

¼ lime

¼ orange

3 carrots

¼ pineapples

1 bunch mint

1 tsp. ginger root (optional)

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