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Dr. Oz's energy boosters: Buttered coffee, Rhodiola, immunity foods, sleep pill

Get Dr. Oz's energy boosters.
Photo by Ben Gabbe

Yawn. If lack of energy has become a problem, it's time to restore your inner energizer bunny. Dr. Mehmet Oz, author of "YOU: Stress Less: The Owner's Manual for Regaining Balance in Your Life," unveiled several ways to achieve that goal on his show recently. From buttered coffee to supplements, we've got the dish on his advice for helping you boost your energy and get more bounce to the ounce.

Buttered coffee has become one of the weirdest new trends. But although it sounds bizarre, Dr. Oz says it's a great energy booster because it causes the caffeine to work for longer periods of time. How to use: Add a tablespoon of butter to hot coffee.

Note: Butter isn't the only way to go. Some experts recommend using Grassfed Organic Ghee. Others suggest MCT, such as Buried Treasure Coconut Oil MCT. Or for a blend of the two, try Primal Fat Coconut Ghee, Virgin & Certified Organic.

Interested in supplements to manage lack of energy caused by stress? Dr. Oz suggests Rhodiola (golden root), which can relieve stress, help you focus and boost your energy. How much? Take 150 mg of Rhodiola at breakfast.

Problems sleeping can cause you to be perpetually pooped. To the rescue: Amino acid L-Theanine, which enhances your ability to sleep. How much: Dr. Oz recommends 200 mg before bed, taken about half an hour prior, to help your muscles relax and promote deep, high quality sleep, such as Country Life L-theanine.

If you get sick frequently, it's time to boost your immunity. Dr. Oz suggests increasing your Beta Glucans. Examples of foods that achieve that goal include:

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