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Dr. Oz: Robin Quivers says vegan diet aided 80-pound weight loss and cancer

Dr. Oz: Robin Quivers says vegan diet helped endometrial cancer and 80-pound weight loss
Screengrab from Fox TV

Dr. Mehmet Oz welcomed Howard Stern's sidekick, Robin Quivers, on the Aug. 14 episode of the Dr. Oz Show. Quivers discussed how she healed herself from endometrial cancer with the help of a vegan diet, which also aided her recent 80-pound weight loss.

Quivers went public with her cancer on Howard Stern's radio show in September 2013 after recovering from treatment, which included an eight-hour surgery in 2012 to remove a grapefruit-sized tumor from her uterus.

Robin, who's usually open about everything, kept her cancer a secret from fans for a year and quietly worked from home during recovery.

Quivers, 62, overcame her endometrial cancer with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Robin also said a vegan diet healed her cancer and aided her 80-pound weight loss. She detailed her remarkable recovery in her book, The Vegucation of Robin.

Robin told Dr. Oz she first realized something was wrong when she wasn't able to pee during a weekend away from home. When she went to see the doctor, she was very quickly diagnosed with endometrial cancer.

Symptoms of endometrial cancer include vaginal bleeding after menopause, bleeding between periods, pelvic pain and painful intercourse. It's unclear exactly what causes endometrial cancer, which affects the lining of the uterus. Risk factors include hormone imbalance, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Quivers said she was lucky that her longtime colleague and friend, Howard Stern, was so supportive during her cancer treatment and recovery.

Robin, who had been overweight all her life, previously revealed that she had a family history of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. She was certain she too would fall prey to poor health in middle age, but said adopting a vegan diet completely changed her life.

"My plant-based diet was helping my body heal," Quivers wrote in her book. "I couldn't believe the difference I saw. I'd never had such a dramatic shift in my health — not when I was taking medication, not when I was wearing a neck brace, and certainly not when I was eating whatever I wanted. I no longer had to rearrange my entire life around being sick."

Quivers is now well and has been given a clean bill of health. "I feel fantastic," said Robin.

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