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Dr. Oz reveals the dirty secrets restaurants don’t want you to know

Dirty resaturant secrests
Dirty resaturant secrests
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During the May 6 episode of the Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz shared restaurant secrets that owners don’t want you to know. From swapping ingredients without your knowledge to serving less than fresh and even rotten food, some restaurant practices run the risk of seriously harming the public.

Beware of the meat

Many people are unaware that they may be eating rotten meat. As disgusting as this is, restaurants may reserve their less than fresh cuts of meat for patrons that request to have their meat prepared well done. The more thorough the meat is cooked the easier it is to disguise the rotten flavor. Also, if the meat is covered in sauce it makes it easier to conceal and unsavory parts.

Dr. Oz revealed that when ordering veal at a restaurant you may actually be served a piece of pork instead. The high cost of veal and similar taste and texture to pork makes it disturbingly easy for one to be swapped for the other.

Dr. Oz recommends ordering your steak medium rare as it is easier to examine the quality of your meat. Also, order your veal grilled instead of breaded and fried so the cut and type of meat is easier to discern.

Beware of the added sugar

An unnecessary amount of sugar is added to savory dishes to give the food added visual appeal as adding sugar to sauces increases shine. Sugar is added to tomato based sauces to cut the bitterness and acidity of the tomatoes. The added unlabeled sugar adds extra calories and cause weight gain.

Beware of the buffets

Buffets contain high levels of bacteria. The temperature of the food on display at a buffet are usually inconsistent as the food on the bottom is hotter and may even be burnt while the food on top is usually cold. The level of traffic may also add to bacteria in the food. With countless arms reaching over the food, people talking and breathing over the food naturally spreads unwanted bacteria.

To avoid bringing a “petri dish” back to your table try and beat the crowd when dining at a buffet. Opt to dine when the buffet first opens or just as your preferred meal time begins.

Beware of the daily special

Restaurants usually create the daily special based the food they need to get rid of the soonest. These foods may include aging meat, fish, old vegetables and sauces that need to be served before they make patrons sick.

In 2012 an article was produced by ABC News highlighting the experience of waitress Debra Ginsberg. Ginsberg shared 10 dirty restaurant secrets she wanted the public to know about. From avoiding the bread basket to skip your favorite restaurant for the holidays, Ginsberg spilled the tea on all of her restaurants shockingly gross secrets. Ginsberg subsequently wrote a memoir detailing her experience in the food service industry. Her book is tiled, Waiting: The True Confessions of a Waitress.

Being aware of where you eat and taking the time to research a restaurant before you dine may save help you avoid a less than pleasant dining experience. Complete list can be found on the Dr. Oz website.

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