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Dr. Oz reveals holistic remedies for colds and flu from around the world

It's the season for colds, influenza and related illnesses. To help ease your misery, Dr. Mehmet Oz visited the Today show on Jan. 30 and revealed holistic remedies for these conditions. From solutions that originated in India to relief that comes from China, find out what Dr. Oz prescribes.

In India, turmeric tea made with turmeric, honey and warm milk offers help for colds, says Dr. Oz. The turmeric helps stimulate the immune system, and honey provides your body with nutritional benefits. Look for it in health food stores or online, such as Rishi Tea, Turmeric Lemon.

The fragrant vapors "help open up the airways a little bit,” he added. “Spice does that as well.”

Although it might not sound tasty, garlic tea, made from garlic cloves, honey, lemon juice and water, is a known remedy for colds and flu in Spain, according to Dr. Oz. How this holistic remedy helps: It stimulates the immune system and can help shorten the duration of a cold.

Look for astragalus tea to ease your winter ailments. Dr. Oz says that it's an adaptogen, meaning that it helps you "weather the storms of adversity."

It's from China, and although "it tastes a little bit medicinal, it has remarkable powers as well,” he said. It's available i health food stores and online, such as Astragalus Root Tea.

From France, grog tea made with spiced rum, honey, cinnamon stick, water and lemon juice can ease that cold, said Dr. Oz.

“It will leave you groggy if you have too much,” he cautioned.

However, the benefit to a small amount of alcohol with a cold is that you can rest more easily.

“It allows you to relax a little bit, so if you’re tired and you want to sleep but you can’t because you’ve got a cold, this will get you through it,” Oz said.

From Vietnam, try pho.

“It’s essentially chicken soup with a lot of spices added to it,” Oz said.

“I love coriander and anise. But you can put ginger in it as well. That extra spice opens you up," he explained. Look for it in specialization food stores or online. There's a vegetarian version as well from Pacific Natural Foods.

On a recent episode of his talk show, Dr. Oz also talked about flu-fighting facts and fallacies. His recommendation: Make your own immune-boosting soup with a recipe rich in antioxidants and herbs: Click here to get the dish.

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