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Dr. Oz reveals 7 ways to naturally boost energy

boosted energy
boosted energy
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Dr Oz challenged his viewers to follow 7 practices that can be implemented to naturally boost energy, during the March 3 taping of his show. Oz suggests implementing these natural tips for 7 days to feel a difference in energy levels.

1. Clean out your intestines. The health of your stomach including your intestines is important for keeping many other areas of your body stable; metabolism, immune system, and nervous system. Dr Oz recommends including prebiotics to your diet to promote the growth of good bacteria which helps fight sickness. Some prebiotic foods include: yogurt, banana, dandelion greens, leeks, onions, asparagus, and wheat bran.

2. Eat vitamin C rich foods with every meal to boost brain function. Vitamin C is known to reduce stress and boost energy. Dr. Oz suggests Having half of a grapefruit at breakfast, drizzle a lemon and olive oil dressing over your salad at lunch, pair salmon with a lime salsa at dinner, or start infusing your water with lime, lemon or orange juice.

3. Eat foods rich in magnesium. Magnesium helps relax muscles surrounding your airway which will naturally improve breathing.

4. Boost liver health. Oz. recommends dandelion coffee to help detoxify the liver and aid in gallbladder health. To make “Dandelion Coffee,” use 1 to 2 tablespoons of dandelion powder topped with 8 ounces of hot water to make a 1 1/4 cup serving.

5. Include a healthy dose of iron in your diet. Iron is found naturally in fish, poultry and red meat. A half of a palm size of meat, poultry or fish per meal is suitable for a sufficient amount of iron.

6. Use coconut oil. The healthy fat in virgin coconut oil serves as a great moisturizer for hair and skin. Also, coconut oil should be ingested regularly to boost brain and liver function. Dr. Oz recommends using 2 tablespoons daily, one for cooking and one tablespoon as a moisturizer.

7. Epsom salt for relaxation. Oz recommends an Epsom salt bath before bed to relax muscles to encourage a good night sleep and as a natural source of magnesium. To make an Epsom salt bath, pour one cup Epsom salt and one cup baking soda into a warm bath an hour before bedtime.

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