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Dr Oz reveals 5 steps to happiness

happy face
happy face
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On March 4, Dr. Oz shared a 5-step action plan to help eliminate negativity and improve over all happiness. Dr. Oz surveyed 300 women and those were the happiest shared similar habits.

1. Do not compare yourself to others on social media. Many don’t realize that people, especially those on social media tend to post and share what they want others to see. It is extremely rare for people to share their stories of credit card debt and post photos of a stack of bills they have yet to pay. Taking the time to examine and improve one’s life starts and ends with oneself. Comparing yourself to others can lead to feelings of inadequacy. Dr. Oz recommends staying off of social media for 1 day (24 hours) per week.

2. Don’t talk negatively about others. Talking negatively about others (gossip) can lead to feelings of negativity in your own life. Offering one compliment a day can lead to more positivity in your own environment.

3. Give gratitude. Being grateful for what you have as oppose to comparing yourself with those that have more can lead to a lack of joy and appreciation for life. Dr. Oz recommends sending yourself one email per day containing something you are grateful for.

4. Learn to say no! Constantly neglecting your own needs for the needs of others not only leads to an imbalance you’re your life but may lead to resentment if your efforts are not reciprocated. Oz recommends saying no to others at least twice a week and making time for you.

5. Say sorry. Admitting when you are wrong may require some to take a bite of “humble pie” before approaching someone. Saying you are sorry relieves you and those around you from the tension that builds when you hold a grudge.

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