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Dr. Oz: Recharge your body 5 ways in 5 days

5 Ways to Boost Energy in 5 days!
Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Dr. Oz explained easy ways to recharge your body 5 ways in 5 days. Give your body the boost of energy it needs with Dr. Oz's helpful tips.

Meatless Monday. Most people love their meat and I’m not going to ask you to give it up. It is a part of our culture, said Dr. Oz. I’m just asking you to try something different just one day a week.” Dr. Oz explained that meat slows the body down and makes us feel exhausted. Giving our bodies more energy is as simple as replacing the meat dish in our diet one day with a healthy options such as a portabella mushrooms or bean burgers.

Twos-Day. Dr. Oz declared (Tuesday) Twos-Day as power pair day. The two items you need to recharge your body are iron and vitamin C. Try boosting your energy with his favorite choices of sunflower seeds with chili powder or chocolate covered strawberries. Both of these snack options will do the trick.

Wheatless Wednesday. “Have you ever noticed an energy drop after you’ve had wheat?” inquired Dr. Oz. Wheat is known to bring down your body’s energy level when consumed too often. On Wednesday try replacing the wheat in your diet with tasty and nutritious options such as rice crispy unfried chicken or spaghetti squash.

Thirst-Day. “Flush out the inflammation that’s draining your energy . Drink pomegranate juice,” advised Dr. Oz. Not only is pomegranate juice one of the best drinks to recharge your body, it is also a leading source of antioxidants.

Fatty Friday. Friday is the day that you want to increase your intake of fatty acids. Fatty acids help the body convert energy more efficiently. “Flaxseed pancakes, a green salad with alvocado or salmon are great choices to recharge your body and boost energy, “ said Dr. Oz.

Follow Dr. Oz’s 5 ways to boost your energy in 5 days to begin improving your health today.

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