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Dr. Oz: Boost weight loss with fiber-rich diet, healthy snacks relieve stress

Got fiber? Dr. Oz explains.
Got fiber? Dr. Oz explains.
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Every day an estimated 90 percent of Americans make the same dietary mistake: Not eating enough fiber, says Dr. Mehmet Oz. By boosting your fiber intake, you can protect yourself against diabetes, heart disease and cancer as well as boosting your weight loss. Dr. Oz explained how to achieve that goal on his March 27 talk show. Plus: Find out how to reduce stress with diet.

Fiber can enhance your health in multiple ways, says Dr. Oz. In addition to keeping you regular, it protects you from certain types of cancer. Fiber also reduces your risk of heart disease and diabetes.

How fiber helps with weight loss: Fiber-rich foods are exceptionally filling. As a result, most people tend to consume less food while curbing cravings. Fiber also lasts longer, so that your appetite is suppressed between meals. Learn more about using fiber for weight loss with "The Miracle Carb Diet: Make Calories and Fat Disappear--with Fiber!" (click for details).

How much to consume daily: Dr. Oz recommends that women eat 25 grams of fiber daily, while men need 35 grams. Dr. Oz recommends these fiber-rich foods:

In addition, Dr. Oz discussed about the stress that so many people experience on a daily basis. Four ways to use food to alleviate stress: