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Dr. Oz on formaldehyde and vaccines

A recent episode of the Dr. Oz show focused on several health controversies, conspiracies and so-called myths that happened to catch my attention. Although the concerns about vaccine safety were minimized and the guest presenter insisted that vaccines were perfectly safe for children, information presented later on the show seemed to undermine the safety assertion. Here's how.

Formaldehyde dangerous in clothing. A segment following the brief blurb about vaccines focused on harmful chemicals used in clothing. Consumers were advised to wash new clothing items before wearing them because clothing often contains traces of formaldehyde. It was explained that formaldehyde was toxic and that we should avoid getting it on our skin for health reasons. Think about this for a minute. Formaldehyde is considered 'dangerous' enough to be harmful if it comes into contact with human skin. If formaldehyde is dangerous to the touch, do you think it would be safe to inject into your bloodstream? This might sound like a ridiculous question, right?

Formaldehye suddenly safe in vaccines. Well, inquiring minds, and concerned parents want to know how and why children's vaccines which contain formaldehyde are considered safe when formaldehyde is considered so toxic and dangerous that we are being told to make sure we avoid letting it touch our skin? Are people expected to believe that something too dangerous to touch with their fingers is safe enough to inject into the blood stream of a baby?

I was just wondering. Is it me or does this sound a bit strange? Feel free to respectfully share your views about Dr. Oz on formaldehyde and vaccines in the comments section below.

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