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Dr. Oz Leaves Followers Skeptical

As many of you know, the recent interview with Dr. Mehmet Oz in front of the Senate shed light on his contradictory messages and his role in the media, which caused quite a controversial stir among the scientific community. America was quick to fall in love with his charming demeanor and positive energy on his television show which focused on health and nutrition, but since the show’s initial airing in 2009, viewers have gradually become more skeptical and critical of his promoting various products and making health a matter of spending money for little or no results. Is it possible that Dr. Oz was oblivious to the message he sent out to his loyal viewers or has it been his intention since day one to scam the public all while coming off as a compassionate health advisor? Regardless of his intentions, it’s important today more than ever that Americans learn how to decide for themselves what is healthy to consume and what is a waste of time, money, and effort.

While Dr. Oz has covered every topic from anti-aging secrets to mental distress to having a sex drive, weight loss has by far been the most covered subject on his shows and has placed him under the most scrutiny. Senator Claire McCaskill tore into Oz recently at a hearing geared toward the malicious and misleading messages he has sent to the public pushing bogus supplements that have not been helpful to many. When the senator pinned Oz as a fraud who advertises products as “miracles” that he understands do not in fact work, he responded by saying he recognizes there is not enough evidence to prove results scientifically yet, however he is comfortable with his own family taking the drugs and therefore does not believe he is in the wrong for his proposals in these as weight-loss agents. In summary, Oz has been quite aware that he uses flowery, exaggerated language to promote health products as an entertainment tactic to draw in viewers. He is, after all, not only a doctor, but an entertainer with a television show. Sure, he could promote simply eating well by cooking balanced meals and working out to stay in shape, but where is the fun in that? The Biggest Loser already has covered exercise and diet, so why should Dr. Oz bother promoting the same thing? Perhaps, in a perfect world, he could suggest different ways to make working out and eating nutrient-dense meals seem fun and exciting, but in reality, people just don’t want that to be the only option and often tend to seek short-cuts to avoid having to put in extra effort to achieve their goals.

Now it’s time for a reality check, America. It’s easy to blame Oz, other doctors, magazines, celebrities and supplement-pushers for making “miracle” drugs that don’t work look inviting and sell them to us poor, unsuspecting people who genuinely want to lose weight, but it’s time to stand up and do the dirty work ourselves. There is no proven safe short-cut when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off. The old tried and true regimen of eating well, eating less, and being physical is avoided at all costs with many, because it’s so much easier and more appealing to trust a potion from a bottle that claims “weight loss without dieting or working out”. By trusting these ads, we are only kidding ourselves. Weight loss is not about cheating with magic pills, or by ignoring the body’s needs, but instead it is about taking care of business. Unfortunately, Dr. Oz has been grilled for misguiding the public by telling them to use “miracles in a bottle” and “magic” pills that instantly zap fat. Sure, studies may come out in the near future confirming that the drugs are beneficial in weight loss, but for now, the multi-million dollar sales of supplements suggested by Oz have proven to be ineffective and with that many sales, it is no wonder why the consumers are enraged.

While garcinia cambogia, green tea coffee extract, and raspberry ketones are the most popular products on the market that have been suggested by Dr. Oz, they have also been among the most studied in trials to determine whether or not they would be effective in weight loss. As of thus far, no sufficient results have concluded them to be helpful, but perhaps in conjunction with an exercise and nutritious diet program, the scientific community would be more impressed. What many people are unaware of is the fact that while Oz is a legitimate doctor, he also works for production companies and is in the entertainment field, where he is fed lines and contractually must speak on topics that his managers request of him. He has been criticized for essentially lying to the public, while he has so much opportunity to help his viewers in an honest manner and can reach thousands of people, but chooses to do it in an offensive way. While this situation has been very shocking to many and disappointing to those who were loyal to his show and trusted his judgment enough to buy these products, the truth has been revealed and in the future, it is hopeful that he will use his power to communicate safe, efficient methods to maintaining a healthy body with his viewers.

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