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Dr. Oz: Ketogenic buttered coffee is an energy booster that aids weight loss

Dr. Oz: Energy boosters include ketogenic buttered coffee and rhodiola
Screengrab from Fox TV

Dr. Mehmet Oz discussed natural energy boosters and said a high-fiber diet can aid weight loss on the Aug. 15 episode of the Dr. Oz Show.

One surprising way to increase your energy level is to substitute butter for sugar in your coffee. Dr. Oz said the butter in your coffee helps the caffeine last longer in your body. You can also use ghee (which is clarified butter), coconut oil, or MCT oil in your coffee. The healthy fats will also keep your blood sugar stable so you won't feel hungry, said Oz.

While the idea of putting butter in your coffee may sound strange, the concept is catching on, especially among followers of the low-carb high-fat Paleo and ketogenic diets.

Tibetans have put butter in their morning drinks for generations. They call it po cha, or Tibetan yak butter tea. Ideally, the butter should be grass-fed and unsalted. The fat from the butter will give you a boost of energy during your morning and suppress appetite, which makes it good for weight loss.

Another natural energy booster is rhodiola supplement, said Dr. Oz. Also known as golden root, rhodiola has been shown to increase energy and stamina and reduce depression and stress.

Finally, a good way to increase energy is to consume more foods that contain beta glucans, which help the body fight disease by boosting your white blood cells. Good sources of beta glucans include oatmeal, dates and shitake mushrooms.

On a separate segment, Dr. Oz said it's important to get enough fiber during the day (ideally, about 30 grams) because a high-fiber diet aids weight loss and lowers cholesterol, but too much can be a bad thing. Ironically, getting too much fiber in one shot can actually cause constipation, so Oz suggested spreading fiber intake throughout the day.

He also suggested getting your fiber from natural sources such as vegetables and fruits and not from pre-packaged foods, which can elevate your blood sugar.

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