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Dr. Oz: Judge Judy's stroke plus easy ways to lose 10 pounds without cravings

Judge Judy talks about her stroke.
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

We know her as the dynamic, no-nonsense judge clothed in regal robes. But when Judge Judy suffered a stroke, she felt as helpless as some of the people who appear before her in court, she told Dr. Mehmet Oz on his Tuesday talk show. Plus: Dr. Oz offers easy ways to boost weight loss and lose 10 pounds without cravings.

Judge Judy told Dr. Oz that initially she tried to ignore the signs that something was wrong. But when her TV show staff listened to her slurred speech, they insisted on calling 911.

After suffering a minor stroke, Judge Judy has become an expert in the warning signs. Think it couldn't happen to you?

Strokes are increasing among young adults and even adolescents, reported West Hawaii Today on Tuesday. The reason is linked to growing rates of obesity and unhealthy diets that are high in salt and sugar.

"Stroke is typically thought of as something that affects older people, but more and more young people are having them and we see that time and again reflected in the patients we admit,” said Dr. Ford Vox, a staff physician at Shepherd Center. “Here the average age of patients in our stroke program is 31.”

He traces the beginning of the epidemic of strokes among young people to the change in the Standard American Diet (SAD). "We’re eating more processed foods, more salts and reaping the fruits of that. Problems that used to develop in older adults such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity, we’re now seeing in people as young as 14."

And one way to combat those problems, says Dr. Oz, is to learn to make small diet changes that can add up to big weight loss benefits. Just by cutting 100 calories a day, you can lose 10 pounds without feeling deprived.

For breakfast, for example, bypass bagels. They contain up to 400 calories. Chose a 150-calorie English muffin instead.

Like cheese on your veggies or potato? One tablespoon of Parmesan cheese contains 22 calories, but two ounces have more than 240 calories. Use the Parmesan to slash the calories.

Chocolate ice cream tastes fabulous. But with almost 300 calories per cup, consider swapping it for a sugar-free fudge pop. It just has 40 calories.

Love sausage? Become a bacon fan instead. Two slices have 80 calories compared to 170 calories per one pork sausage link.

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