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Dr. Oz recommends Wheat Belly diet: Ban wheat to melt fat and boost weight loss

Find out about the Wheat Belly diet.
Find out about the Wheat Belly diet.
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Dr. William Davis has become known as the "Wheat Belly" doctor for his discovery that giving up all forms of wheat in your diet can flatten your belly and promote weight loss. On his Jan. 30 talk show, Dr. Mehmet Oz talked with Dr. Davis about the evidence that by losing the wheat, you can lose the weight.

Dr. Davis has authored a book detailing the benefits of a wheat-free diet: "Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health" (click for details).

Among the evidence that Dr. Davis provided to Dr. Oz:

  • The weight loss benefits of wheat elimination are due to the way that consuming wheat stimulates your appetite. When you eat foods that contain wheat, you experience blood sugar highs, followed by blood sugar lows. The result of this pattern: You eat more food. When you eliminate the wheat, your cravings between meals stop.
  • When you replace the wheat in your diet with healthy choices such as the vegetables, meats, eggs and nuts recommended as part of the Wheat Belly diet, you stay full longer, so that you consume fewer calories.
  • In addition to weight loss, studies show that people who eliminate wheat from their diets also experience relief from symptoms such as brain fog, joint pain, headaches, depression and fatigue.

In addition, Dr. Oz and Dr. Davis discussed the controversy over modified wheat. Dr. Davis is concerned that because modified wheat stimulates the appetite, food manufacturers are putting this ingredient into multiple foods, from tomato sauce to salad dressings. He contends that it's not needed for taste or texture: Instead, it's put there to increase your appetite and thereby increase sales.

Moreover, according to Dr. Davis, wheat products are addictive: You crave more, and you may even experience temporary withdrawal when you stop eating wheat.

For those concerned about missing their favorite foods, such as bread and pizza, both Dr. Oz and Dr. Davis advise against manufactured gluten-free foods. Many of these processed foods replace the wheat with sugar.

Instead, Dr. Davis has created his own cookbooks that provide wheat-free recipes:

Read a review of Dr. Davis' newest cookbook and try his recipe for Cinnamon Donuts by clicking here.

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