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Dr. Oz highlights HIIT weight loss workouts: Burn 360 calories in 20 minutes

Get a tip on what really works for weight loss from Dr. Oz.
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

The biggest barrier to working out for many people: Time. But fitness guru Brett Hoebel says you can overcome that challenge with his newest time-efficient fat-blasting weight loss workouts. He joined Dr. Mehmet Oz on a recent episode to reveal his metabolism-boosting, calorie-torching moves.

Make this your mantra: Tabata. It's a high intensity interval training (HIIT) method that has been shown to get fat-fighting results quickly. How much time do you need? Just four minutes, says Brett.

A sample sequence of HIIT moves: Boxing, sliding, hopping and squatting, all interspersed with short rest periods.

To evaluate how just four minutes of Tabata training can blast calories, University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse researchers studied 16 men and women who did two 20-minute Tabata workouts. The results: Participants burned up to 360 calories in just 20 minutes. The average: 15 calories a minute.

Harness the pound-melting power of Tabata and HIIT with:

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