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Dr. Oz: Fibroids and Jorge Cruise's carb cycling diet for easy weight loss

Dr. Oz: Fibroids and Jorge Cruise's carb-cycling diet for summer weight loss
Screengrab from Fox TV

Dr. Mehmet Oz discussed fibroid surgery and Jorge Cruise's carb-cycling diet for summer weight loss on the July 24 episode of the Dr. Oz Show. This episode originally aired Feb. 19.

Dr. Oz said as many as three out of four women develop fibroids at some point in their lives, but are unaware because they have no major symptoms.

Fibroids are noncancerous tumors that develop on the uterine wall and can range in size from a grape to a watermelon, according to the Mayo Clinic. The larger the fibroids, the more severe the symptoms will be.

The symptoms of fibroids include weight gain, heavy bleeding, back pain, pelvic pressure pain, chronic fatigue, and diminished sex drive.

Dr. Oz's guest was obstetrician Dr. Jessica Shepherd. Dr. Shepherd said up to 80 percent of African-American women develop uterine fibroids at some point.

Dr. Oz said women have mistakenly been told for years that a hysterectomy is the best way to treat fibroids, but Dr. Shepherd said you can treat them medically or surgically, and not always with a hysterectomy.

Shepherd said a low-carb, low-glycemic diet that excludes soda, white bread, red meat and white rice can ease fibroid symptoms. The best diet for managing fibroids is one that is rich in vitamin D and includes plenty of leafy green vegetables, eggs, milk, and citrus fruit like oranges and lemons.

Carb-Cycling Promotes Weight Loss and Happy Hormones

On a separate segment, Dr. Oz spoke with fitness expert Jorge Cruise, who said you can lose weight, reduce belly fat and alleviate mood swings by following a carb-cycling diet. In carb-cycling, you alternate between days of high-carb intake and low-carb intake, to keep your body guessing and your metabolism fired up.

Carb-cycling is a concept also recommended by fitness expert Chris Powell, star of "Extreme Weight Loss." Alternating between high-carb and low-carb days ensures you don't feel deprived all the time or let your body get too used to the same caloric and carb intake every day, said Powell.

Cruise said you can lose up to seven pounds in one week and consistently shed two pounds every week after that by eating low-carb for two days a week and high-carb the other five days. Cruise said his diet works with — not against — women's natural cravings for carbs.

Cruise said carbs give women the serotonin boost they need to even out their hormones, so cycling carbs not only promotes weight loss, but makes you happier:

  • On the low-carb days, consume no more than 100 sugar calories.
  • On the high-carb days, eat no more than 500 sugar calories a day.
  • Substitute all flours with low-carb flours like coconut flour, almond flour, and flaxseed flour.

Dr. Oz said the carb cycling diet is good for women in their late-30s to mid-50s because they suffer dramatic hormone swings both during menopause and in the 15 years leading up to it.

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