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Dr. Oz: Qigong for weight loss, stress and black rice for fatigue

Dr. Oz: Black rice is a superfood that fights fatigue and aids weight loss while qigong curbs stress
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Dr. Oz said black rice is a super-food that fights fatigue and qigong aids weight loss and relieves stress on the June 3 episode of the Dr. Oz Show.

Dr. Oz called black rice (also known as "forbidden rice") the No. 1 fatigue fighter you've never heard of. *This show first aired Jan. 21.

He said his mother-in-law introduced him to the health benefits of black rice, which energizes you because of the following:

  • It contains powerful fatigue-fighting antioxidants.
  • It has iron and magnesium, which boost energy.
  • It's rich in protein, so it provides a slow release of energy.
  • It's high in zinc, amino acids, and potassium.

A quarter-cup of black rice has two grams of fiber and five grams of protein. Dr. Oz suggested eating black rice pudding for breakfast, or adding it as a side dish to dinner or lunch.

Qigong For Weight Loss, Stress and Depression

On a separate segment, Dr. Oz said the ancient Chinese practice of qigong reduces stress, depression and insomnia, and aids weight loss. Qigong combines breathing exercises, martial arts, and flexibility moves to work your mind, body and spirit.

The Chinese believe that aches and pains result from a blockage in qi, or vital energy. They believe that doing a series of fluid exercises can open up muscles, joints, and tendons so that energy can flow smoothly through the body.

"Qigong is an extraordinary tool for reducing the harmful effects of stress," said qigong master Kenneth Cohen, author of The Way of Qigong.

Qigong may also be effective for alleviating depression. A recent study showed that qigong lowered depression in 96 women receiving radiation treatment for breast cancer, compared with a control group that didn't do qigong.

Because qigong is low-intensity, it won't damage your joints and can be done at whatever pace you're comfortable with. Dr. Oz said doing these meditative moves can make you feel calm and promotes restful sleep.

Qigong can also promote weight loss by reducing the stress-response hormones that fuel weight gain. Qigong has been shown to suppress appetite and encourage healthy digestion. “As you become more in tuned with what your body needs, you get more from what you eat, so you eat less,” said qigong master Alex Holland, president of the Asian Institute of Medical Studies.

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