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Dr. Oz: Zinc for colds, chocolate for stress and Chris Powell's weight loss tips

On his Jan. 14 talk show, Dr. Mehmet Oz talked about a variety of health myths versus facts. He explained how you can use zinc to battle colds and chocolate to relieve stress. Plus: "Extreme Weight Loss" star Chris Powell joined Dr. Oz to discuss his own diet tips.

Fight fat with Dr. Oz.
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Have you heard that adding zinc supplements to your diet can prevent a cold or reduce its symptoms? It's true.

Zinc can help, according to studies, but only if you take it the right way. To benefit from zinc when you're battling a cold, begin your supplements during the first day of experiencing symptoms. Continue taking zinc until you're fully recovered.

Got stress? Most of us do. But Dr. Oz says that by adding dark chocolate to your diet, you can actually ease stress. And if you overeat when you're stressed, that chocolate can even boost your weight loss.

Next time you're anxious, try sipping cocoa made with real chocolate such as Godiva Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa.

Author of "Chris Powell's Choose More, Lose More for Life," Chris joined Dr. Oz to discuss his favorite tips. Both he and his wife Heidi are trainers who use the concept of carb cycling to boost fat loss: Get the details of how this works by clicking here.

Chris emphasizes that even five minutes of high intensity exercises combined with carb cycling can make a significant difference in battling the bulge. Creator of "Choose to Lose: The 7-Day Carb Cycle Solution," Chris says that he believes that breakfast is essential and truly is the most important meal of the day. His favorite healthy meal: Protein shakes.

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