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Dr. Oz dishes on Hungry Girl Lisa Lilien’s new diet book

The Hungry Girl Diet
The Hungry Girl Diet

Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien appeared on the Dr. Oz show on March 25 to share her latest diet plan and book The Hungry Girl Diet.

The Hungry Girl Diet promises 10-pound weight loss within 4 weeks with large portioned meals in which excess fat is replaced with flavor.

Dr. Oz shared 3 rules from Lillien’s book to follow in order to achieve success.

1. High protein breakfast – Eat at least 20 grams of protein for breakfast. This will keep your body full longer due to the slow digestion of proteins.

2. Super-size portions for lunch and dinner - Super-size your meals by loading up on nutrient rich vegetable. Vegetables, especially leafy greens are naturally filling and are low in calories.

3. Indulge in guilt-free snacks – Eat three snacks per day that are high in fiber and protein. This will help curb your appetite in between meals and help speed up your metabolism.

There are a number of recipes available on the Dr. Oz website to help jumpstart this plan until you pick up your copy of The Hungry Girl Diet book.

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