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Dr. Oz details thyroid disease symptoms and its impact on weight loss

Dr. Oz said thyroid disease may be sabotaging your weight loss.
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Dr. Oz said if you're feeling fat, exhausted and foggy, you're probably suffering from thyroid disease.

On the Jan. 1 episode of the Dr. Oz Show, he revealed the symptoms of thyroid disease and how it sabotages weight loss. (This episode originally aired Oct. 8, 2013).

"If you have unexplained belly fat, feel stressed out or foggy, you may have thyroid disease," said Dr. Oz. "And it could be the cause of your biggest weight-loss problems."

Dr. Oz said doctors often fail to diagnose thyroid disorders, but they're alarmingly common, especially among women. In fact, women are eight times more likely to suffer thyroid disease than men. And even simple blood tests could miss this disorder.

The thyroid is a small gland in your neck that regulates hormone production and metabolism. If the thyroid gets even a little sluggish, you will feel lethargic and gain weight.

Dr. Oz said the symptoms of thyroid disease include the following:

1. Unexplained weight gain. If you've gained 10 or more pounds during the past three months despite no changes in your diet, you probably have a thyroid disease. When you have a healthy thyroid, you have a healthy metabolism, said Dr. Oz.

2. Brain fog. If you've been feeling dazed, confused and forgetful, your thyroid is likely to blame.

3. Chronic fatigue. Constantly feeling exhausted despite getting enough sleep is a sign of thyroid disease.

4. Constipation. If you don't have a bowel movement every day, your thyroid is sluggish, said Dr. Oz. A sluggish thyroid slows down other bodily functions like digestion.

5. Feeling cold. If you're constantly feeling cold, you may have a thyroid disorder. If your body temperature is under 98°F for at least five days, you should get your thyroid checked. Make sure to take your temperature right before you get out of bed in the morning.

To combat a sluggish thyroid, Dr. Oz said you need to get enough zinc, selenium and iodine in your diet. Foods rich in these minerals include the following:

You should also make sure you get enough vitamin D. Foods rich in vitamin D include salmon, eggs yolks, cheese, sardines, and beef liver.

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