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Dr. Oz: Cholesterol-lowering weight loss diet and five metabolism death foods

Beware of those metabolism death foods: Peanut butter and bread.
Beware of those metabolism death foods: Peanut butter and bread.
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Cholesterol doesn't sound like a humorous topic. But when Cedric the Entertainer joined Dr. Mehmet Oz on his Aug. 22 talk show, LDL became a subject for some witty commentary as Dr. Oz revealed a weight loss plan to reduce your cholesterol. Plus: Find out about the five metabolism death foods.

Cedric the Entertainer admitted that he did not know his cholesterol numbers or even the importance of that information. Dr. Oz explained that high levels of LDL can result in atherosclerosis. This increases your risk of a heart attack. While the ideal LDL reading is below 100, Cedric's blood test showed that his LDL is 126.

To help Cedric and others who want to improve their LDL cholesterol, Dr. Oz says that diet is the key. Cholesterol-lowering weight loss foods include salmon, avocados, garlic, bananas, grapes and extra virgin olive oil.

Dr. Oz's tips on weight loss also offered food for thought during a podcast of Low Carb Conversations. Jimmy Moore, author of "Keto Clarity: Your Definitive Guide to the Benefits of a Low-Carb, High-Fat Diet," and dietitian Cassie Bjork talked about the foods that can prevent you from losing the last 10 pounds or cause you to plateau. The term used by Dr. Josh Axe says it all: "Metabolism death foods."

Dr. Axe recommends removing the five metabolism death foods completely from your diet. He says that you can boost your metabolism and weight loss just by cutting them out.

Fruit juice ranks as the first metabolism wrecker. It's "basically chemically laden sugar water," warns Dr. Axe.

Another common menu item that sounds healthy but can cause your weight loss to stall: Whole grains. Dr. Axe calls them the number one "offender when it comes to ruining your metabolism and weight loss efforts." Instead, eat vegetables or fruit.

What's the problem with whole grains? They contain gluten, starch and phytic acid, leading to inflammation, blood sugar spikes and related problems.

Another cause of inflammation and food that can cause problems for your metabolism is canola oil. Replace with grass-fed butter and coconut oil. In addition, avoid peanut butter and replace it with almond butter, advises Dr. Axe.

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