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Dr. Oz, caramel coloring (4-MEI) and cancer

Dr. Oz is warning the public to avoid comsuming products that contain caramel coloring because it could cause cancer. When caramel coloring is produced a chemical known as 4-MEI , which is a carcinogen is created in the process. This means that whenever you eat or drink a product with caramel coloring listed in the ingredients you are increasing your risks of developing cancer.

Dr. Oz believes that the FDA should do more to prevent cancer causing chemicals like caramel coloring from being put in the American food supply. “Why are they adding caramel coloring? It’s not even necessary,” stated Dr. Oz. The cancer causing chemical 4-MEI is found in soda, bread, gravy mix, imitation pancake syrup and other common foods. “Read the labels so you can avoid those products,” warned Dr. Oz.

Currently, California is the only state with laws requiring products to contain a warning label if the chemical 4-MEI in the caramel coloring content exceeds 29 micro grams per serving. According to a Consumer Reports study, the amount of cancer causing chemicals in food and beverages that contain caramel coloring is not being regulated. For example, the beverage Malta Goya contained 350 micrograms of 4-MEI. Moreover, Consumer Reports found that the amount of caramel coloring (4-MEI) also varies within the same products, such as Pepsi, depending on where it was manufactured. Until the FDA requires regulation, most companies won’t bother regulating the caramel coloring.

Dr. Oz asserts that consumers can make a difference simply by refusing to purchase those products. Then companies will be forced to make changes. Why should you spend money buying food that causes cancer? Why does the FDA continue to allow unsafe chemicals in our food?

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