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Dr Oz busts common health myths

Dr. Oz show
Dr. Oz show

On Friday March 28 Dr. Oz and a number of children shared some of the health myths they were taught by their parents as well as some embarrassing habits their parents subject them to. From offensive flatulence, to one parent who collects and store her own earwax, Dr. Oz shared the reasoning behind these issues.

There are a number of myths that we all can share that have followed us into adult hood. Many people are unsure if these myths bear any truth. Dr. Oz went through many common myths and revealed if any were true and should be considered for health or safety purposes.

Common myths:

1. Always wear a bra to prevent sagging – Wearing a bra all of the time can actually cause premature sagging. The muscles and connective tissues in the breast are designed to naturally hold up the breast and wearing a bra all of the time will weaken these muscles. Dr. Oz recommends not wearing a bra to bed to allow the breast muscles to work on their own especially if you are under 35.

2. All toe nail infections must be treated – Infections of the toe nail include fungal and bacterial. Depending on the severity fungal infections are cosmetic and consist of the nail minus tissue, and will not always require treatment. Bacterial infections are a bit more severe and need to be treated immediately. Signs of a bacterial infection include redness, swelling, and puss in some cases.

3. Beans produce the smelliest gas - Contrary to popular belief beans do not produce the smelliest gas. Dairy in fact produces highly offensive smelling gas. Due to the difficulty in digesting dairy in most people, bloating and gas may be an issue.

4. Kegels are for women only – Men can in fact do kegels since they have the same pelvic floor muscles as women. Kegels were introduced by Dr. Kegel to help women strengthen their pelvic muscles after giving birth. Kegels can provide bladder control in both men and women, and help erections last longer in men.

5. Sex burns calories – According to Dr. Oz sex lowers stress hormones and keeps your muscles happy but does not burn a significant number of calories. The average amount of time spent during sex is about 6 minutes which only burns just over 20 calories.

6. Frogs give you warts – Warts are benign skin growths caused by a virus that enters the skin membrane through an open cut. Frogs do not give you warts.

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