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Dr. Oz appears as 400 hundred pound man

Dr. Oz chose to wear a fat suit in order to understand what life is really like for those who are dealing with obesity. The fat suit Dr. Oz wore made him appear to be 400 a pound man, which equals morbid obesity.

Dr. Oz wanted to learn what life would be as a fat person, and soon found the response some fat people get is a painful one.

Some may feel this was a gimmick. However, in order to really see what life is like for those with severe weight issues, Dr. Oz would have to wear a fat suit that allowed him to be seen as a 400 pound man, or gain enough weight to have the experience. Dr. Oz soon learned people are not treated the same if they have a weight issue.

One of the comments by Dr. Oz and shared through the information on an post was this :

'The most painful thing I experienced was a mom with two kids walking past me,' Dr. Oz said of his temporary transformation. 'She sort of grabbed their hands and moved them away from me like there was something so wrong. I was such a pariah that she didn't want her kids hurt in any way by the experience of seeing me.'

Because of his experience in the fat suit appearing as a 400 pound man, Dr. Oz will change the way he addresses weight issues on his show, no longer asking people to share their weight unless this is something they want to do.

Dr. Oz said while speaking with others with weight issues while he was wearing his fat suit he learned many feel it is difficult to find a physician that will let them feel valued as a person, which also could hinder them in their weight loss efforts.

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