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Dr. Misee Harris advances in casting for "Shark Tank"

The Sharks from Shark Tank
The Sharks from Shark Tank
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Dr. Misee Harris has made it through several rounds of casting for the reality television show, “Shark Tank” and is now waiting to see if she will make the final cut. If so, she will be presenting her newly designed and customized ProFit Athletic Mouthguards to the 'sharks' on “Shark Tank.”

Dr. Misee Harris is a pediatric dentist practicing in Columbia, Tennessee who recently developed a new line of athletic mouthguards specifically for youth called ProFit Athletic Mouthguards. She is also a model and inspiring actress, among her many involvements.

Due to the growing demand for ProFit Athletic Mouthguards from both youth and adult athletes, Dr. Harris realized that she needed some help and took her new invention to “Shark Tank.” The demand for the new athletic mouthguards was so intense that Dr. Harris decided to attend a casting call for “Shark Tank” to see if she could get the assistance and funding she needs to take ProFit Athletic Mouthguards to a new level.

“Shark Tank,” it is a reality television show that is now casting for the 6th season, which is scheduled to air lather this year on the ABC network. “Shark Tank” features a wealthy panel of judges, who are entrepreneurs that act as the “Sharks.” The sharks listen to presentations by new entrepreneurs as they present their case for their new products and/or inventions. The whole concept of “Shark Tank” is for the new entrepreneur(s) to convince the sharks that their new invention is worthy of funding as a new business start-up and to convince one or more of the “Sharks” to make an investment using their own money.

Dr. Misee Harris recognized the need for dental protection for youth athletes from the patients in her dental practice who were coming in for treatments for sports related injuries to their teeth. Dr. Harris started doing research on mouthguards at that time and developed a mouthguard designed just for youth who participated in athletics. The new mouthguards can be custom designed, making them also fun to wear. Each individual can choose the color(s) of their mouthguard and also put logos and other designs on their new ProFit Athletic Mouthguards.

Orders for the new ProFit Atletic Mouthguard started flowing in and soon Dr. Harris, along with her assistant, Bianca Covarrubius; and her graphic designer, Carlos Stephenson could not keep up with the production of the ProFit Athletic Mouthpieces. Dr. Harris received orders from entire sports teams wanting the new mouthpiece instead of just individual orders, which also continued to pour in. She also received orders from adults playing in the NCAA, NFL, and boxers from the Floyd Mayweather Boxing Gym in Las Vegas, Nv. Dr. Harris knew that she was on to something with the new ProFit Athletic Mouthguard being so popular without doing any major advertising.

It dawned on her one night while watching “Shark Tank” that this could be a great way to get funding for the new ProFit Athletic Mouthguards and take her new product to the next level. After running the idea by her friends and family, Misee decided to attend a casting call in Atlanta, Ga. for the reality hit show “Shark Tank.” She was one of hundreds who auditioned that day and only one of a few who walked away heading into the next round of casting.

Dr. Misee Harris is now waiting to see if she made the final cut. If she does we will all be able to see her presentation for the ProFit Athletic Mouthguards on national television on “Shark Tank.”

Source: Dr. Misee Harris

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