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Dr. Michael Reich tells McDermott Subcomittee long-term unemployed least likely to find jobs



  • Joye 6 years ago

    Hiring managers, you have it in your power to resolve this issue of high unemployment. How? By taking into serious consideration for positions, those who have been out of work for longer than 6 months. Instead of automatically placing these resumes in the reject pile due to unstable work history, ask yourself. If there was not a gap in employment, would you otherwise consider them.

    There are tax incentives and reimbursement for wages, but you need to investigate various programs, such as the Workforce Investment Act.

  • unhappy voter 6 years ago

    we need tier 5 for the 99ers, i'm from michigan and it very hard to get a job. with unemployment at 13%7. we need help. please pass the extensions, then help create jobs but we need to have a place to live in the mean time and be able to eat and try to pay our bills.

  • USMC 6 years ago


  • virginia 6 years ago

    Don't they realize this is an election year??? I urge all of you that are in need of TIER 5 to check out the senators that are for and against and then let your conscience be your guide. The only way to send a message is to not vote for those that aren't with you and don't get this passed. I guarantee you that I will fervently campaign against them in my state!!

  • Cherub 6 years ago

    I have lost my job, my savings, my insurance, my home and to add insult to injury, my country is turning its back on me. Plus, I am hit with an irs bill for the little amount of money I did receive. It is a shame I am not an illegal alien; I could open up a gas station or a convenience store.

  • Truth 6 years ago

    The Republicans voted against, because they wanted their portion of bill to pass in regards to NOT TAXING Multinationals and Hedge Fund Managers. Please Stop Blaming Obama - Wake Up! I was bipartisan but now I'm seeing the Republican Party doesn't give a crap about Americans making less than $500,000 a year. IRAQ WAR and Bank Bailout Money would have helped Needful Americans 7 times over. Don't Forget this come Election time. The republicans are playing Politics with our Country and lives. Its not a Race problem its a Rich and Poor problem. Hiring manager are full of it. HAVE and HAVE NOTS

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