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Dr. King's dream is not being realized
Dr. King's dream is not being realized
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KANSAS CITY - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s “dream” is dead, deceased and extirpated. There’s really no point in sugarcoating the obvious.

Dr. King’s sweet reverie in 1963 – which encompasses racial harmony, economic ascension and educational prosperity – has been, by all accounts, ‘deep-sixed’ as we settle into a somewhat precarious 2014.

A “Freedom 2 Twerk” teenage party flyer showing Dr. King’s headshot superimposed on a gold-chain-donning, gang-sign-flaunting street hood is a textbook example of the generational disconnect that handicaps Black America.

To many young people, Dr. King’s memory means a day off from work and/or school and that’s our fault as adults who should know better.

During a recent interview on CNN, Dr. Bernice King (King’s daughter) addressed the aforementioned promotional banner by labeling a large chunk of today’s 30-and-under demographic “ignorant” and she’s probably 100 percent correct.

But the idiocy obtained is clearly inherited from a 31-and-older demographic that continues to shortchange our kids. Bad parenting typically equates to bad children and it’s simply infrequent to see one circumstance subsist without the other.

See, the real reason igniting the socioeconomic predicament in urban communities rests solely with indolence.

We’re talking laziness primarily within politics, education and parenting. Notice yours truly left out religion. That exclusion was intentional because common sense suggests our Lord and Savior assists those who assists themselves first.

Contrary to Fox News and general public opinion, African-Americans aren’t economic bottomfeeders because we’re simpleminded. We’re median-income cellar-dwellers because everyone assumes someone else is going to do the dirty work.

Truth be told, African-Americans continue to support/elect the same marionettes for political representation, yet wonder why economic progress has reached a stalemate. Look, Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are probably good men.

But, given the fact African-Americans rank dead last in every key economic category, it’s probably safe to conclude their political impact means diddly squat on Capitol Hill. At some point, blacks must come to the realization that you don't need a leader to finish last.

No sir.

You can hit rock bottom by your damn self.

Also, too many people of color cry ‘foul’ when it comes to the failing nature of our nation’s public education system. But there’s no parental urgency to coerce slacking children into performing adequately inside the classroom.

As body-bag counts escalate, African-Americans have taken over the lead in post-homicidal prayer vigils. But you stand a better chance of winning the Power Ball than encouraging a brotha or sistah to offer a tip.

More food for thought… in America, black-on-black infliction is so frequent, many urban communities nationwide celebrated King’s holiday by making Monday a “No Shots Fired” day aimed at the NRA.

Hell, it’s probably no coincidence practically every street named after Dr. King remains tarnished with senseless violence.

As previously mentioned, chronic lethargy coupled with immense finger-pointing underscore the socioeconomic quandary in Black America. Neither peril has affiliation with Dr. King’s fantasy.

He must be turning in his grave.

Wayne Hodges II, the social media sorcerer, is the Blogger-in-Chief of the Mass Appeal Network. He’s also a business columnist for Madame Noire, he’s a political blogger with the Examiner, and he’s a film critic with America’s Email him at

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