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Dr. Katz: diet, exercise, and lifestyle are critical components of health and wellness

Dr. David Katz's Flavor-Full Diet: Use Your Tastebuds to Lose Pounds and Inches
Dr. David Katz's Flavor-Full Diet: Use Your Tastebuds to Lose Pounds and Inches

Dr. David L. Katz , an internationally renown authority on integrative medicine, diet and nutrition,  will headline the first annual interfaith wellness day March 21 in Westport, CT.

Dr. Katz is a regular contributor to numerous blogs and publications including, The New Haven Register, Oprah, and more. Below is a snapshot representing some of Dr. Katz's posts and the recurring theme: diet, exercise, and lifestyle is a critical component of wellness. His books the Flavor Point Diet and the Flavor-Full Diet discuss his approach.

Some of  his recent posts  include:

Why God won't do yoga an interesting piece discussing the benefits of yoga for everyone, no matter what their personal spiritual beliefs are.

Autism and the truth about what we eat-while no special diet has been discovered to treat autism, we are what we eat and diet can play a part.

Cancer and the cavalry-discusses lifestyle choices and their effect on cancer and recovery.

Living well: the gift that keeps on giving-regular exercise and healthy eating is the best defense against diabetes

Outing obesity-discusses how obesity in our society and on a individual level can be fixed and even prevented if we work together toward change.

Life and death with a grain of salt-looks at how we can reduce heart disease and other illness by lowering the amount of salt in our diet and the challenges posed by the processed food inherent in the SAD diet

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