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Dr. Jen Arnold of 'The Little Couple' cries as Will meets Mickey Mouse

Will meets Mickie Mouse #MoMouse
Will meets Mickie Mouse #MoMouse
Twitter / Dr. Jen Arnold

Great news for fans that was lucky enough to be at Disney World in Orlando over the weekend and perhaps saw a glimpse of the famous family strolling through the theme park. Dr. Jen Arnold posted an adorable photo of her son Will meeting Mickey Mouse for the first time on Sunday. The meeting of the famous cartoon character was enough to make mamma Arnold moved to tears. It seems America’s favorite “Little Couple” took the youngsters to Disney World to have a well-deserved family entertainment weekend. Dr. Jennifer Arnold also posted the sentiments to her official Facebook page on Sunday.

The Little Couple” family has become America’s favorite family after Will and Zoey were adopted and every week viewers tune into to watch the interactions of this family. This week however, fans had a real treat to see the photos of Will meeting Mickey Mouse. Jennifer Arnold did not announce the trip, but for Arnold’s avid Twitter following there were hints of the special weekend activities with her posting just one day earlier. If the reality star made people wonder if the family was in Orlando, the picture of Will and Mickey Mouse meeting gave all the reassurances that this family was on a fun Memorial weekend holiday . Over 1500 fans hit the favorite button on the photo and the comment response was positive for the shared family moment.

“Will met his favorite mouse! #MoMouse @WaltDisneyWorld Made me cry! #littlecouple,” tweeted Jennifer Arnold from her official Twitter account on Sunday.

In the photo, Mickey Mouse appears to be enjoying the visit as much as Will’s parents. Holding the youngster and making a special moment for the family to remember forever, it seems this moment will be a hard one to top. When Jen Arnold posted that it made her cry; moms all over the world could empathize with the emotions tugging at her heartstrings. Hopefully, we will be able to see a segment soon of the trip to Orlando, but there are no social media announcements regarding a family holiday show.

Even though “The Little Couple” is currently not filming, the fans are going to get a special episode of the family on TLC. According to their official Facebook post on Tuesday, tonight's episode “All You Wanted to Know” will have viewer questions answered by Jen and Bill, who discuss every aspect of their lives with their fans.

“The Little Couple” airs Tuesday on TLC at 10 p.m. ET.

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