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Dr. Jean Choy Zannoni goes to trial for worker's compensation fraud

Dr. Jean Choy Zannoni, 77, of Parma, was indicted on charges of theft, worker’s compensation fraud, telecommunications fraud, and tampering with records. Dr. Jean Choy Zannoni performed examinations on numerous patients but billed as if she was performing advanced medical procedures during these visits. From 2002 to the spring of 2008, she over-billed the Bureau of Worker’s Compensation for a total of $65,000. In the spring of 2008, a search warrant was executed at her office and home.

Dr. Jean Choy Zannoni’s trial is scheduled for 8:30 am in front of Judge Kathleen Ann Sutula.


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    RE Dr.Zannoni. This is one of the sweetest most nieve people on ths planet. I know her personally and she has no idea what goes on. All she knows is how to do is practice medicine and nothing about finances at all. God bless her and I hope everything works out for her sake.

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